Hey Chick, I’m Sonal. I’m a Nutrition Coach and I help women transform the way they think about food.

I’m a wife, mum and someone who really cares about what you’re putting on your plate.

Here’s why…

In the space of a couple of years I went from being healthy, super active and confident to chubby, sedentary and a hide-behind-your-hair kinda gal. A fall from grace that was kinda hard to stomach.

The cause – ironically - was what I was putting into my stomach.

I’d gone from eating mainly home cooked meals, cycling daily and playing every school sport going to the standard teenage diet of chips for lunch and on the way home. Every. Day. Whilst relegating exercise to the bottom of my list of priorities.

The result – unsurprisingly – was pear-shaped. My figure and my health.


Over time, I became become painfully self-conscious. Quite a fall from grace from someone who used to be called “barbie” by her peers and was one of the most popular girls at school. Yes. Ouch, indeed.

Anyway, this trajectory continued for a few years because, quite frankly, I hadn’t the foggiest what a healthful diet looked like. So I tried almost every diet going and would lose weight in the short time if I was lucky only to put it all (and then some) back on when I stopped dieting.

Eventually I realised that things had to change and started to educate myself on nutrition. As anyone who has tried to do this will know, there is so much information out there, it’s not easy to figure out what is good for you and why.

Thankfully, whilst I was navigating the minefield that is nutrition, Leiths’ School of Food & Wine launched their Nutrition in Practise course. It meant taking every Wednesday off work for 10 weeks, committing even more time to the kitchen and studying late into the evenings whilst juggling a demanding job and a 3 year old who still woke up 5 times a night… Was it worth it? Where would I find the time?

I decided it was and made the time.

I persuaded my City boss to let me have the time off and made it work with a helping hand from my other half and family (thank you guys!).

I. Loved. Every. Second.

Before the course had even finished, I knew that my newfound passion for nutrition would be the springboard to the new chapter in my life.

A few years, down the line, I’ve escaped the City, qualified as a Nutrition Coach with Sano School of Culinary Medicine and am the proud Founder of my purpose-driven and heart-led food coaching business, Nourish – Food for Life.


Today, I educate, empower and inspire women (and their families), like you, to:

  • overcome the challenges I once faced
  • take charge of you plate and wellbeing
  • eat well and live better with ease
  • create balance within yourself so you can juggle everything else life throws at you
  • curate a healthful lifestyle that is sustainable and works for you

because with the right knowledge, tools and a coach like me in your corner,


Ready to change the way you think about food?

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